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They hit it off like they were old friends, and I just knew I was in trouble again. I went and got the keys to my unit and called in and let dispatch where I was. I told them to have Beau to report to me here when he came in for his shift. I signed off and heard Mark signing in for the day. I had a feeling I was in for a long day. I went to the office, got my coffee and sat down while we waited for the crew to report to work. I wondered just what we would find in all of those bays out back. Instant sensuality.' My cock was trapped between us, stirring and thickening against her thigh. She exhaled and kissed me again.'I want to explore you all over.''Only if I can do the same afterwards.' I released her and rolled over. She sat up and looked at me carefully, then reached forward and ran her hands down my chest. I felt my insides lurch as her fingers brushed across my nipples and my cock began to throb. She carried on down my flank and hip, probing gently, and I watched her slender. It felt so good," Dee said."Black men don't have sex, bitch. We fuck a white woman's cunt. You have been black fucked. Understand, bitch?" He said. "Now say it right, bitch!" VIC! THAT WAS THE BEST DAMN BLACK FUCKING I'VE EVER HAD! DAMN!" Dee screamed. The words were coming easier now. He was right, she thought, this was the best fuck of her life. "Black fucked," she thought, "Now I know how it feels." Dee's fall into black slut-hood had begun. She was black fucked. This was the beginning of. Rebecca handed me her panties, and blew me a kiss. Then relaxed into the moment. Robin, still oblivious to what was happening. I looked over at Rebecca and her eyes were closed, but she would look at me with her eyes barely opening as my fingers played with her pussy. I loved teasing her and I asked, loud enough that Robin would notice, how was the wax doing for her from the vap pen. It was so funny, seeing Rebecca try to respond as her sister and I both looked at her, waiting for her response..

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