Bombay Babes

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I didn't see her all day, how disappointed I was having to go home without as much as a glimpse of her.Tuesday started as before, with me rising early...and rushing to my classes, only this time I was rewarded by leaving my class just before lunch to run into her in the hallway. My face lit up at seeing her I'm sure as she smiled at me, thrilled to think she was glad to see me. She invited me to join her for lunch and we headed for the cafe together.She asked me how I enjoyed our weekend,. We got excellent video of them unloading quite a lot of something. What we saw was bundles wrapped in plastic in what appeared to be about like ten-pound sacks of flour or sugar. We were pretty sure it wasn't sugar or flour that they were pulling out of the three pontoons and the cargo area of the LSA. The LSA looked like one of the Czech Sport Aircraft Sportcruiser craft with pontoons rather than the normal tricycle gear. This was one of the long-distance cruiser aircraft. I looked it up once. It just couldn't be me. Some of them got lumps on their chests and Cheryl seemed to have the nicest, biggest lumps of all. Cheryl was in my math class and to this day I can't tell you a thing about the class except that Cheryl was in the class ... after that, it just didn't matter. She sat beside me and all I could do was stare ... and not at her face either. I thought she was the most beautiful, sexy thing I had ever seen in my short life ... or at least I thought she had the sexiest body I. Any way I want to write about my life out side of home. In school I was one of happiest k**. But after my father start to get very close to me he would always telling me about don't let anyone get very close to u , do not make physical joke and all kinds of this advice. He wanted me for him self he get some sort of protecting mood. That's why I get more and more separated from other k**s. But I couldn't avoid all contacts. In sport class in our break when we played together some times I.

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