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Whether we pretend not to be lovers or we don't, you must expect that things might change. The time may come when I must... treat this... Ingmar, and ...he younger one, his son, and perhaps all of them, equally. It may be necessary for me to be -- everyone's woman, for awhile." God." Yes. But Carter. It doesn't have to be a fate worse than death. It may be an accommodation that we all could live with. Let's think about it. But, also, let's wait and see what develops. I am less concerned than you,. Athai velaikaaran muthugu meethu idithu irunthen, avanum eeramaaga irunthaan ithu thaan nala tharunam indru eppadiyavathu velaikaaranai usar seithu avanai matter seithu vidalam endru manathil kanaku pottu irunthen.Vendum endre mele iruntha pudavaiyai othuki mulaiyai theriyum padi kanbithen, velaikaaran en mulaiyai vaitha kangal edukaamal paarthu kondu irunthaan. En mulai perithaaga irukum, bra ilamal irunthal mulai kaambu matum thaniyaaga therinthu kondu irukum. Velaikaaran sunni viraika vaika. She almost jumped in the sudden sensation.I got hold of her soft thighs and pushed her pussy near my mouth and started licking her pussy. She was moaning like hell now. She wrapped her legs around my neck and pushed my head towards my pussy while moaning like, “Ahhhhhh, hmmmm a huh uh hu ah ah ah”.I shifted my tongue into the inner layers of her pussy and was literally eating her pussy. She couldn’t control and started cumming, her warm juices hit my face. Then she started shouting, “Fuck me,. Care to join us?” I asked skeptically. “I would really like that,” Red replied. Kitty looked nervous, but went along for the ride. We quickly boarded the elevator and selected the proper floor on the keypad. I slid a hand up the back of Red’s skirt and quickly learned she was either not wearing panties or a very tiny thong. I cupped an ass cheek as she turned and kissed me hard. I took Kitty’s hand and guided it to Red’s other freckled ass cheek. Red moaned before she turned and kissed Kitty.

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