Temple Scandal Full Version

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I was captivated by the way he showed no mercy as his big cock fucked her tiny white mouth. My pussy on the verge of cumming, I lost control and floo...ed my hand when the black cock unleashed several huge spurts of thick spunk into her mouth. His load coated her lips and chin as his still hard cock continued plunging down her throat. For days I found myself day dreaming about giving head to a black man with a cock like a horse. I found my pussy became aroused quickly with the mere thought, as. "I was thinking about how fun it would be to make out with her and make you watch.” said Holly with a mischievous grin on her face. "You're so bad, such a dirty mind, such a tease, that’s why you turn me on," said Shauna breathing more heavily.With a smile Holly undid the rest of her shirt exposing her bare breasts "Me? A tease? Never." Running her fingers through her friend's hair guiding her lips to her pink, stiff nipples "That's it Shaun lick my nipples suck on them," Holly moaned as she. “Manju ne sharmate huye kaha “ thank you” .Mai kya karta, gussa pikar rah gaya.Baad mey Maine dekha kee Lalaji ne Manju ko dubara sirf ED se nahi, teeno GMs se bhee milaya. Khair uss puree raat Manju hamare saath hee rahi.Agli subah Mai juldi branch gaya. Charo GM Aur ED aaye. Maine unn sabko apne sabhi staff se milaya. Branch kee performance kee baat kee Aur ek ghante ke baad wo chale Gaye. Unke jaane ke baad Mai bhee ghar aa Gaya.Usse din evening mey Mamta kee Vidal huee. Meri Maa Aur saas ne. Especially with the right person.”“I’m sorry you weren’t properly trained. Most men are so irresponsible and dense.” He pauses and kisses my neck, sweetly and lightly. “After work, I want you to go to the adult store and buy some anal lube. Also buy a small anal plug. I will give you the money for it.”“That’s not necessary, sir. I can buy those things myself.”“I won’t take that as an answer,” he says firmly. “I want you to get a good one, nothing cheap. I want you to start with your finger.

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