Bengali wife manhandled by group of guys

Any failure to comply with orders immediately will result in swift punishment. Now get busy."I wanted his cock so bad that I got up on my knees and be...ged saying, "Oh god, you can't leave me like this. I need that cock. I want you to fuck my cunt until it's raw. Please don't go until you fuck me, please."My big black master quickly came over to the bed and slapped me so hard that I was thrown back against the headboard of the bed. He said in a very scary and sinister snarl, "I'll fuck you when. He caught her and righted her. He came close again and whispered in her ear, ?Let’s play??? It made her sigh and he quickly moved away. She could hear him moving. Then he put on Trance music like you would hear at a rave or club. It was loud. The room became dark and a strange pulsing light could be seen. He was near her again. He removed the hood and the room was awash with the pulsing light. He leaned toward her and she could see he was dressed as before, all in black, including the full head. “Your house?” she said “No”, “Where then” I asked, she thought for a moment and then said “In the garage” I said “Five minutes then” and she agreed.I had just enough time to go upstairs and wash my cock. Five minutes later she was stood by her garage door, as she opened it I walked in, she shut the door and turned the light on. As we stood there she said “Where” and looking around I said “By the work station”, there was a long wooden bench type table.As we walked over to it I said “Put your. I put her in the closet. I have no locks and just pray she doesnt figure out way to escape. I rushed upstairs and to the car. I head to Walmart open 24 hours I could get dog leases chains and locks and more tape. I get what I need and rush home just praying even if she got out of the closet that she is still in the basement with her mouth shut because of the tape and there arent police cars outside my house waiting for me. I get to my block and everything is clear I run in the house with bags.

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