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” She gestured to a low coffee table. She sat down on a low sofa opposite him. As she bent forward, he glimpsed her white bra with the fine lace det...il against her tanned skin, and her full cleavage. She commented on the weather, they talked, and he found himself quite at ease. It wasn’t like this talking to other mothers, or to the girls at school, either. She seemed perfectly relaxed in his company. But he couldn’t help his cock from staying rock hard. She finished her drink and stood. “You. “Ma, I am going to shoot my stuff!”She nodded and continued to suck my cock. I had my first oral cum as I filled her mouth. She continued to suck until my cum ended. Ma then moved up and we kissed. deeply, not as son and mother, but as lovers. She was giving me a taste of my own cock love juice.Again, she moved so her hips were next to my face. “Honey, I did you, I sucked your cock, now I need you to kiss my pussy and make me orgasm!”I could smell the wonderful aroma of a woman aroused in a. As Sherlock Holmes is reputed to have said, 'The game's afoot.'IN THE BEGINNINGMom was a very good looking woman - from whom I get my looks, thank you - who worked as a receptionist in the New York office of a major insurance company. One day about four years earlier she took the 'D' train to work but never came home. Our first word from her came in a nine o'clock phone call saying that she was moving to California with one of the big executives of the company. We soon found out that she had. I was afraid to get out, did he still live there? Is hestill Nikki at times? Would he want to see me? I could see someoneoccasionally peeking through the curtains."Don't be such a wimp Jason. Go ring the bell." I saw some one peekingout the window several times so I thought I better do something, get thehell out of there or go ring the fucking bell. I opted for ringing the bell. The door was opened by a stunning girlwearing the tightest top and shorts. Her top was cut so low that almosthalf her.

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