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? I'm not even taking notes for myself.? Nothing said tonight will leavethis room except in each of our minds and hearts.? So, believe me when Itell y...u, this is the time and the place for candor."Now, due to the casualties and the great destruction of property in thenation's largest city, the people of the United States of America have alot of questions about events the day of the Destroyers attack.? We arehere to search for the answers to at least some of those questions.? Thetwo primary. The whole experience was not in the least big erotic for thefake Meredith, but then again it didn't need to be. She did however haveto pretend to enjoy it. Marcus thrust harder and faster until he criedout in pleasure at the release of his seed inside her."That was some session Merry!" Marcus declared. So much for a lovingrelationship. This guy was a real douchebag and deserved everything thatwas coming to him."The session is not over yet darling. Still plenty of time and I'm readyfor more when. ” I LAUGHED. “DAMN, I WISH I WAS YOUR AGE AGAIN” HE SAID. “SURE, GO AHEAD AND TAKE THEM INTO YOUR ROOM AND JERK OFF WITH THEM. “DAD, CANT I JERK OFF HERE?” I BEGGED HIM. HE WAS A LITTLE SHOCKED THAT I WANTED TO JERK OFF IN THE GARAGE, BUT EVENTUALLY HE SAID I COULD. HE BEGAN TO GET UP AND LEAVE, BUT I TOLD HIM HE COULD STAY, I MEAN HE HAS ALREADY SEEN ME NAKED, AND ALSO JERK OFF AND SHOOT MY LOAD, WHAT ELSE IS THERE. PLUS I TOLD HIM THAT I WANTED HIM TO KEEP A LOOK OUT FOR MOM. AS I STRIPPED. ..clothes were all over the floor and every body was drunk and naked!By the time midnite arrived nobody was even watching the tv and the ball dropping there was moaning and groaning and balls slapping pussy and ass all over the place. I was on the living room couch kissing another girl and someone was going to town on my pussy sucking and licking and shoving fingers in and out. I couldn't even tell if it was a guy or a girl I was so wasted and so into kissing this hot girl. Next thing I know I.

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