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Becky gasped.'Wait a minute. Let me get the lamp,' Lexi said as the taxi went off dropping them. She grabbed a lamp from the window nearby the main do...r of her house. She grabbed the boy's hand and they started walking towards the front garden. Crossed the garden, they entered the stable. The horses were wide awake at this time of the night. This was an old fashioned stable with half dead grey wooden walls, six boxes with horses in them and lots of hay. Lexi pushed Ian on the Hay and put the. Gruu had been killed, Keal, Deke, and Wren each had suffered a nasty bite but those were the only injuries taken in the first attack.The next attack was considerably more difficult and dangerous since the Hydra was wounded and very aware of their intentions.Circling the Hydra the group was able to prevent it from slipping away allowing a continued attack as planned. Using fire with their attack prevented the Hydra from healing and re-growing severed heads. They were successful in killing the. About half way home, he made a wrong turn. Thinking he had made a mistake, I said something but then he turned in to a parking garage, used his pass and we parked.He reached over, touching my hand. I immediately reacted by leaning over and kissing him on the cheek.We began to kiss very passionately, with one thing leading to another, him playing with my tiny breast, then unzipping my jeans, running his hand down and fingering me.When he suggested we get in the back seat, I didn't hesitate.He. Her long blonde hair fell across her shoulders just touching her breasts. My eyes scanned up her perfectly tanned legs to her incredibly tight ass. My heart was pounding as I thought about this beautiful girl's offer to get this job. I told Barbara to have a seat on the stool as I started snapping some pictures. I spent about 15 minutes taking various poses when I asked Barbara, " What did you have in mind with your comments earlier." "Are you interested in more erotic modeling?" Sure, why.

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