Sleeping hot and hot sister-in-law

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She said that it has been over a year since she has been with a man and that she felt like there was something so special between us. Not having been...with a woman myself since my divorce and feeling that something special in me also I said yes. God! Things where certainly moving kind of fast here but I was for the first time ready to try to get back into a relationship; especially with a beautiful woman like Simone. Simone followed me home and having a two car garage I put her car inside. .she really means yes" hesaid and got down on his knees in front of me. I tried to push him off,it only hit me now just how much strength I'd lost since thetransformation, if I were still a guy I could have hit him squarely inthe nose and broke it, of course if I were still a guy, I wouldn't beon the floor about to be raped by an over-sized heterosexual man. Hepushed away my arm's, the blow to the head had left me too groggy tofight back so I lay there desperately trying to raise my limbs,. Damn I’ve got a quick trigger on this cannon. I need to learn how to slow the bullets down. I’ll be shooting before I even get into a girls pussy with this Gatlin Gun. I smiled at that thought as I shot come all over the shower walls and down the drain.I slipped the Angels off my dick and put them on the sink counter, while I washed my hair and then rinsed off. I was standing naked by the sink, drying my hair when the two black Angel magnets flew from the Formica counter top to stick on either. ” I begged her.“Fine then, I will call your father and tell him about you, we will see what he has to say about you peeping on me while im in the nude!”Knowing I had no choice in anything, I sobbed as my hand fell to my dick and wrapped my fist around it, then started to jack off in front of her. Tears running down my face as I did. Her eyes staying on my cock as the skin on it moved with my fist, I watched her as she stared at my hand moving then she licked her lips. I turned my eyes to her.

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