Aunty Riding

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‘Not to worry though, he said, giving the young Edina a reassuring smile, ‘it’s not too bad that a bit of magic can’t fix it.’ He looked to...Cassea whose big, blue eyes watched placidly. ‘We should have some actual crutches for this young lady around somewhere, don’t you think?’ ‘We do,’ she said. As a matter of course, she could rattle off every bit of inventory there. It wasn’t all that much different from running a House in that regard. ‘Because…I won’t be able to walk after you fix it?’. But her mouth blurted, “If I allowed it ... would you really wash my whole body?”She would also never forget his instantaneous response. “Ahhhhh yes! I would be such a happy man. You look so much like your mother that sometimes my heart is ready to burst. I have such wonderful memories of her.”His meaning was clear. “You ... washed my mother? When you were my age?”He nodded. “Did I not tell you we shared bed and bath until she married?”“Yes, but I thought...” She had started out to say she. Ava slumped in an awkward heap, blood oozing from her hair. Mendoza had set course, the bosun and the captain also shouting orders above the growing winds and impending storms. The captain approached Mendoza with haste, ‘Mendoza, perhaps you should see your lass, go and reassure her then be back on deck when you can, we have things in order here.’ ‘Thankyou captain, but Ava will be fine, I’m sure.’ Mendoza replied stoutly. The captain nodded politely, and returned to the helm, but Mendoza had. I would have to sit on him so he could kiss and pull on my titties. He loved it when they started to grow so he could pull and twist them more.He lifted my bottom up so that Grandpa could kiss and lick my cunny, and he would keep playing with my titties. I LOVED when Grandpa did this to me, the flutterings in my belly coming more often now.My uncle told Grandpa to stop as he wanted to be inside me. He pushed a finger into me and wriggled it about – my absolute favourite. Then he lifted me.

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