We all reached Ooty and booked a single 3-bedded room and decided to sleep and will go to visit places next morning.We went to many places that day an... returned back to the room in the evening around 6:30 pm, I noticed that Sathish and Pranav getting close to her and touching her boobs during the photoshoot, but she was casual with them.After we reached the room I asked them what the plan, they told me that Sathish has bought sleeping pills which will be mixed with juice and will be given to. I laughed, which seemed to surprise her, and told her “I don’t think we should continue making out like that. The last thing I want to do is get hot and excited again.” With a sad look she tells me “I really like you. I was hoping that we would have more than just a one-night stand.” “Tammy, you live over 300 miles away, what did you think would come of this?” Still sad she tells me “I don’t know but I was hoping something would.” I leaned closer to her and said, “All you did tonight was send. Pinni came into my room and caressed my head and pressed my shoulders and said, ” hold-on with Shakeela Pinni and look back at me “. I said “sorry I haven’t seen coming in, when did you come”. Pinni said “Since 5 mins, I am watching you”.I showed up some shy and said “I am in a week end mood”. Pinni said “OK, I just came in to ask about or you feeling bore and doing time-pass in my absence and said I am going to my bed room to change the ‘dress’ with special stress on changing dress. I have. And had a sexy bigger with good asset anyone who sees her will pray god sincerely to get laid down and fuck her once. It was 2004 when I just finished my pu exam and went to holidays to Bagya aunt’s house. As she was newly married it was first visit to her house.Her husband was a business freak and big drunkard. And it was 6 months for her marriage as I was in 2 pu I could not attend her marriage so went to her house. She came and opened the door seeing her in saree mad me hot and got me a.

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