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Alex noted her search and pressed his hand to a recessed panel. A small wall section next to it slid open and revealed basic shampoo, conditioner and ...oap, along with several variants of each. Smirking up at him, Natalya reached for the one that was alcohol free, to prevent her hair from breaking. As she was about to open it, Alex snatched it from her hand. She was just about to rebuke him for doing that, until he opened it, squeezed a good dollop into his hands and crooked his finger.Surprise. Not to mention the fact that I wanted you to do me all three ways. I'm afraid the third way is going to have to wait awhile. You were a brute!" As she said it, she took him in her arms and kissed him softly.Bob didn't reply. He just held her tight and squeezed. Again he heard the wonderful happy sounds coming from deep in her throat. He loved hearing that sound. Loosening his grip, he just held her and she rested her head on his shoulder. When she did, he turned his head and noticed the. He would love nothing more than to have them take him to orgasm, but in truth, Justin woke up wanting to taste the both.“Lay down, both of you,” he says to them. To his surprise they both stop. He expects them to linger and maybe tease him a little bit, instead they lie next to each other with their beautiful cunts staring right at him. “You two must be mind readers,” he growls.“No,” Riley says, stealing a quick look at her co-worker. “We just know what we want.”“So it’s like that, is it?” he. M***r laid down and showed me what he meant. When I was in position, he took my other hand, put it to my mouth, and told me to lick my middle finger, making sure to get it nice and wet. Then he pulled that hand down to my butt, and told me to stick out my wet middle finger. He used that finger to circle and rub my an*s. Wow, I thought I felt good before...this was great. Little did I know that it was about to get even better. D*d spit on my an*s, then pushed my finger in. I let out a small cry.

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