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2 of her friends supported her till the door. They all had a drinking game. They were all drunk, but Kavana was beyond drunk. She was wasted. She dran... more than her capacity. She could barely open her eyes.She couldn’t even lift her feet to walk. I took her from the door. I thanked her friends for their help. I put her left hand over my shoulder and I held my right hand over her right hip and walked her inside. I made her sit on the sofa leaning back.Kavana Akka just dozed off then and there.. Du glaubst doch jetzt nicht, dass ich dich noch einmalabmelke, wenn du es schon selber gemacht hast?" Nein, Tante Helga. Es tut mir Leid", stammele ich."Auf die Knie und das Zeug auflecken. Aber restlos!"Ich nicke und halte mein Kleid hochgerafft, bis ich knie. Dann beuge ichmich vor und beginne meinen Samen aufzulecken. Er schmeckt ekelig, denkeich. Aber heimlich denke ich auch, das war es wert.Ich lecke solange, bis Tante Helga mich anweist aufzuh?ren."Hoch mit dir. Und alle, zieht euch. We get through breakfast and take our time getting ready for the day. I decide to hang out with them and we spend Sunday exploring the city some more. All throughout the day Christine keeps referencing how tired she is, because of that couple (us) that kept her up all night. I am starting to feel a little bad, when I realize that Larisa and I only were fucking for about 20 minutes, so we couldn't have kept her up all night. She's obviously playing at something, but I don't know what. We decide. We thought about carrying on with just Greg as the singer, but there really were a lot of songs in our repertoire that needed a female voice. Greg approached me--I can sing--but that would have put a lot of strain on me, too. Singing with some of the keyboard parts I had to play is hard.So, this series of events is how Donna came to join us.Donna Bellini. Blond, blue-eyed, big tits, a Barbie doll come to life, and she knew it. You know the type. The teasing blonde bombshell--that was Donna, to.

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