Hubby playing with wife’s boobies

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Leaving Her shuddering and gasping on the table.So intent had been on pleasing Her that he'd totally forgotten the plug, which all the while had been ...oving gently, massaging his prostate and arousing him in ways he'd never felt before. He only realized when he stood and found his legs wet and sticky with ribbons of his own juices... massaged from his prostate by the plug. "Please Miss" he begged, "May I be released?".Silently She stood, leading him somewhat unsteadily through to her bedroom. A. I wore a slip dress with 4-inch heels and maybe a little more makeup, as opposed to wearing the capri's, low heels, and lighter makeup I would have worn to a hotel cocktail lounge.And when I walked into my club and my friends saw me many commented positively on my appearance that evening.But minutes after I walked in you called me on my cell phone and told me you were running late and that I shouldn't wait for you for dinner, but that you would be there about an hour later than expected.I. Hang your head. Answer me. Will you obey me?-Yes, my Mistress.-That’s right. Fall to your knees and kiss my wrists. Good. You see, you are very talented.I gently pulled his hair and he held up his head. With a slight movement I hung it again.-I haven’t permitted you to rise your head. Be patient. Don’t make me punish you for the insignificant things.-Yes, my Mistress. I should be attentive to what I am doing. -You shouldn’t. You must. Behind you is a bed. I want you to sit there. Feet must be. Then he rammed it in me. Tears went down my eyes in pain. He took long hard stroked in me. He got faster and faster my Pussy feels like it was on fire it hurt so much.Blood was running down my legs on to the bed."Please stop i will do anything just please stop fucking me" I cryed"anything he grinned" he took off the hand cuffes and turned me around so my head was facing the wall and my hands where on the wall as well.He smacked my ass hard sever times tell it left a mark. "Lets see how tight.

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