Didi Ka Doodh

Everyone sat down on Valerie's big bed."So you two looked like you were having a good time," Valerie said."You could say that," Gina replied as she hu...ged Julie.Gina and Julie kissed and of course, Valerie and Tessa kissed too."So, everyone knows about everyone now. Is there anything you two wanna know about your moms?" Gina asked the two younger ladies.The young ladies looked at each other for a few seconds."Did either one of you ever cheat on our dads with each other?" Julie asked."No, we. It was a miserable time, but after only four years, he finally left me. In those days if a marriage didn’t work out, it was considered the woman’s fault. That also put an end to my relationship with my parents. They, like other people felt it was my fault the marriage didn’t work. The only friend I had in the world was Eleanor, I did manage to see her the odd time during this period.” “Well that’s enough of that,” Allyson said bitterly. I kept quiet after that, and we had our lunch in. It was so little to give, she said. Only an hour, maybe less, out of her comfortable, privileged life, and then she would be flying home, looking forward to being a mommy again. If she didn’t try, she would never forgive herself. Now their movements have become frenzied. Not just the man. Both of them are in a wild, close, dirty dance, rhythmically rippling against each other. Her whole body gleams with sweat in the fluorescent light. They continue to kiss. While he braces her body with his. I commented about it and mom said she laid by the pool up there and she might have even been sun burned a little. I thought nothing about it but later that night, she must have been sore and I saw my dad rub some lotion on her back. That's when I noticed there were no tan lines at all on her from wearing a bathing suit top. I mentioned to her what bathing suit did she wear and she looked at my dad a little funny and said she didn't remember exactly. I thought that strange, and after thinking.

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