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He cursed me and told me every time i did something cruel he would make the amount of times i had to make him cum +1 making it up to 3 time was tickin... down... it had struck 3am and i still hadn't packed. so being nice mrs maaao i thought id let him cum.. he kissed me from my chin down... down further and further along my nipple... down past my belly and giving a swift lick b4 diving far into my throbbing hot pussy with his cock. (many people who know us will know he fits me like a key) i. Kuch der bad Rahul utha. Tab tak Manali naha kar fresh ho chuki thi. Rahul bhi jaldi se brush karke naha liya.Breakfast table mein dono ek sath chup-chap baith kar khana kha raha tha. Rahul ne chuppi toda, “I know kal tum bohut hurt hue ho. Mujhe nahi pata tha ki tum wild sex mein itni inexperienced ho.”Manali: Wild sex?Rahul: Haa. Actually main kal dopaher ke kisse ki bare mein baat kar raha hu. kal dopaher mein main jo tumhare sath kar raha tha woh wild sex ka hi ek part hai. Certain pain. Steve smiled at me and pointed at the targets.Arnie said, "I'll put another next to it so you can alternate. See if you can do what Chuck does. Put four in the left mass, four in the left head, four in the right head, and four in the right mass. Oh, you can't do that. That's sixteen. Here, put a round in the chamber and another in the magazine and you can put three in the right mass."If you want me to time you, I can or you can just shoot."I told Arnie I would just shoot.This was a sweet piece.. Another crisp breeze blew against his face, making his teeth chatter. He wandered further into the forest searching for the warmth of his village. For hours he had no luck, and as the day turned to night he began to lose faith that he was ever going to get home. Exhausted, Steve began to fall to his knees, panting heavily. As he looked around his surroundings, he noticed a faint light coming from the distance. His eyes widened and a smile began to form on his face. Quickly Steve pushed himself.

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