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So i want to post my experience and your comment will excite me. Coming to myself, I am 23 old fair normal sized girl with 34 -28-34 figure. Before I ...eet Jay [My boy friend] i was traditional and shy girl. The relationship with Jay really changed my behavior and dressing style.Thanks for the replies and some of the guys really want to have sex with me which i don’t like. But i can always help you to jerk can read my previous story to understand much about me. [. Now he was to be her model so she could practise her massage, something she was learning at night school. Looking at him she had a sparkle in her eye then she pursed her lips in fake frustration. ‘Hey lose the robe and get on the table,’ she said. Shrugging out of the robe he climbed naked face down onto the table that was covered in a thin mattress that was covered in a towel. The breeze cooled his skin on an otherwise warm room. Then he felt the slow spattering of oil on the skin of his back.. With me she knew that she had supplies for the night, so she'd suck me deep, get me hard, even after a couple of hits. I'd slide my cock in her pussy or her ass, I think she actually liked the ass better and then we'd rock and smoke. I'd take a hit and blow the smoke in her mouth and then she'd do the same. Your head and your cock were both buzzing. She had a crackhead named Fernando that was always hanging around looking for a free hit. He was tall and had been good looking, but crack had. Stan pulled out a little and then back in, working up a rhythm as he fucked her face. Laura used her tongue, teeth, throat and every other part of her mouth as she pleasured Stan. With her expert ministrations, Stan was moaning and groaning in no time, and quickly his cock grew in Laura's mouth as it exploded, presenting Laura with mouthful after mouthful of his precious love offering.As she gulped and swallowed all of his cum, cleaning Stan's cock completely, Laura gave Stan a glassy-eyed look.

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