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Jane's face was very red as all eight of them walked by her, slowly, making sure to touch her breasts or pussy as they passed. Her eyes were closed by...the time the last one rubbed between her legs, I heard her moan softly."Man, she's juicy!"I watched as she walked over to the radio and turned it on to my station."Why you playing that country music bitch? I can't stand that shit." Larry said. In truth, he wasn't really part of our demographic."It's the station my husband's on. As long as I hear. I did the same for him. He made me cum with his tongue and fingers. I made him hard with mines. We fucked for a while with Paul very carefully not going too far as he didn’t want to cum too soon and fall asleep. This was the moment in which he wanted to do it. If the moment was lost, it might never happen, or if it did, it wouldn’t feel as right as at this particular time. Paul unscrewed the tube and used a generous amount of the cream to lube me up. I believe he put in three or four times. I let my hand fall, brushed it against his terry cloth towel which had tented by his rigid cock. He abruptly pulled back. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing, homo?” His punch landed square with a powerful thud to my chest.We never spoke of it afterward. He knew. I knew. But, the internal back and forth we both seemed to struggle with always landed on the side of invisibility.That football career landed me a full-ride scholarship to a mainstream college. This school was not Catholic.. “That’s your punishment. You have to wait at least a little bit.” In my head I thought it wasn’t the end of the world. I had just had that rendezvous with the two girls about an hour ago and I could use a little rest. “Why don’t you come back later tonight?” she smiled. “My parents are going out for dinner and a movie so we’ll have a good amount of time.” I agreed and left her house after one more kiss. I spent the next few hours napping in my room, before I woke up with a text on my phone. It.

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