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She took my cock n played with in her hand, she smelled it and started licking it precum, as it was shining with precum she then inserted my cock into...her mouth, ohhhhhhhhhhhh it was warm I cannot contain myself, butterflies were flying, I was fainting due to pleasure, she sucked it once n saw my pink head, then sucked it like a whore, or a calf, then she rotated her tongue on the tip, later she took my cock n pressed in between her breast, that was really big my cock was pressed in between. She felt a shiver ofarousal as the rubber tentacle passed her labia. It was like if the invaderwere absorbed or swallowed by her vaginal entrance. The rubbered tick tentacledisappeared complete inside her. Now all her holes were sealed, she was a rubberdollwith no entrances, her eyes and nostrils was the only thing left from a womanonce called Dyla, now a shiny rubber model. When she finally got used to the idea of the invaders, the tentacles in hervagina and anus began to extend their pump. That caused a curious look from Vicki as she stood before me. I lifted my shirt off as she would never have been able to reach my head. I looked down and watched as this petit sex goddess grabbed the sides of my shorts and slid them and my underwear down to the floor. My cock sprung up and slapped her on the cheek. It startled her at first and then she smiled, looked back at her sister and asked if seeing it was all she’s done. Becca smiled and said oh, she’s done a few things with it. Vicki. Well, I’ll tell you this, you are in the basement of an old house in the middle of nowhere. Quite literally, the next house is about 32 miles away. You can and will address me as Sir or Master. No exceptions. And as far as what’s going to happen to you, well that will be decided at a later time.?I stayed calm and unmoving as he explained. I knew that in my state, it would be quite foolish to try to protest and even worse to cry. Giving him that power over me would make this worse for me. It.

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