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”“Benny Baker.”“You gave me five hundred dollars and told me to invest it.”“What stock did well in 1968?”“IBM, Xerox, Polaroid, and Ko...ak were among the so-called glamor stocks or Houdini Issues. You couldn’t go wrong holding those stocks. In 1968, one of the bigger winners would be Milgo. They were into something called modems. Their stock doubled almost right after it went public.”“Good. You did your homework.”“I guess you came to pick up the results of your investment.”“What. Lydiaaccepted this and would work hard to earn her party's nomination then goon to win the general election. Her sister's actions didn't matter,Lydia's record was spotless and anyone who tried to use Layla againstLydia found out just how well Lydia could do on her own.The trials for Sheriff Coltrane and Flora and Fiona's former fosterparents were long, drawn-out affairs. Layla had offered damagingtestimony that was backed up by documents and testimony by the girls viaCCTV video direct to the. I would have loved to start in the privacy of his room, but all the cleaning supplies were kept under the counter in the kitchen.I was entirely ignored as I cleaned. He had set himself up at the dining room table, working and writing, and he would barely look when I would pass nearby.I swept, I mopped, I dusted, I scrubbed, I did dishes and I tidied. I grunted and moaned and I perspired and I leaked from my bound and teased cunt. I was a mess. I knew, as I was on my knees, bent over scouring. She had not closed the door completely. I guess my sister was ahead of me! I kept quiet to try to see a bit more of her body. She had left her shorts on but she didn't have a shirt on. Her tits were perfect, they didn't sag and I could see one nipple from the hallway. I walked carefully to my room so they wouldn't hear me.About two months aftter that I was walking to my room after a shower one afternoon. Jennifer was coming out of her room just as I was passing. She reached out to grab my towel.

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