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Her young heart beating faster with excitement, the little girl surfaced, throwing back her head and her long dark hair as she took in a deep breath a...d laughed up at the cloudless sky. "Dolphins!" Becky giggled, laughing as she swam a short distance on her back, her young, toned muscles seemingly fuelled by adrenaline, and ready for the task of swimming out to the aquatic mammals as they leaped playfully out of the water, seemingly calling for her.Twisting around in the water as she heard the. When we first met it didn't take long for us to discover what a good fit we were together, you being the 6'5" 230lb uncle, and my being the 5'3" 120lb bad cock teasing little girl niece, how you liked that I didn't get into the "over the top" sissy get ups, but preferred keeping it simple with just my training bra, sexy little bikini panties, and full slip, you said that was "keeping it real" and it made you super horny. how I recall the first time you caught me coming out of the bathroom. .. the fucking Neanderthal caveman that I love so much! The wild man! A paradox, the highly educated, even clean, yet hairy savage! My wolf man!”“I’m Esau to their Jacob, I suppose,” I teased Katie now as she slurped up my precum.“You got it, Master!” she winked at me now.“Master, eh? Is that how you think of me?” I taunted Katie while she continued sucking me dry.“Hell, yes! I’m your cum slut, your fuckmeat, your personal plaything, your cum whore, your ball-draining, pussy-eating,. I couldn't help but increase the intensity of my pace, as I watched the incredibly taboo scene unfold before my eyes. I wasn't sure how much longer I could continue before shooting my load, but there were more surprises in store.Almost simultaneously, Joyce released her lip lock on her daughter's sex, pulled Jodie down by her neck until she was bent over her mother's body, even as she pulled my cock out of her ass with her other hand."Feed your cock to her, Tim!" she commanded excitedly, "make.

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