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I realized he could be the hubby.He was watching them gang fuck her sexy beautiful little wife. I guessed that my own wife was also going to be there ...onight…I went back to where she was dancing and found her there enjoying herself with that bastard nigger. Ana and Jamal were drinking and making out while dancing. He was easily groping her boobs and even occasionally flipped open her dress and sucked her hard nipples a few times. After a while they moved off into a dark corner by themselves for. “Kneel here,” he said as he pulled her from the bed and made her kneel near the basin. He pushed her nighty down her arms to her wrists and took hold of her boobs in each of his hands as he stood behind her and knelt.“Here we go!”, he said as he started milking her boobs.“Aaah!”, Hamida moaned as her milk started spraying outta her boobs into the basin.He kept doing that until she finally said, “Please stop, Vivan. I can’t take this anymore,” and when she said so, he covered the basin with a. I stayed in position, my pussy, thighs and ass throbbing. I cried a little, I worried a lot. I knew I had embarrassed you and that you were displeased with me. I pictured your face in those moments when I had pleased you and I focused on that. When you were at my side again you told me that I was going to be whipped with a belt in front of Marc and that to make up for my poor performance earlier, I was going to ask him if he wanted to use my unworthy mouth for his pleasure. Tears ran down my. I had searched high & low in that house, but, to no avail. It was gone. After a quick scan here, the [no avail] held fast.Started to get light-headed from breathing my own breath and dropped the mask the wife had sewn me. "Here, sweetheart, this one is for you. This one is for Michael." Her boyfriend & co-worker. They were spending a week up north. He owned a mobile home up there they'd utilize during the summer months to escape the heat on weekends. They'd work 4 10's, then flee north for 3.

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