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The second part is the knowledge of certain skills which will allow a woman to safeguard the power. She can -as you have witnessed- enlist an army if ...eed be to be at her beckon call. This gives her a tool to help her protect the power from being lost. It gives her protection from a male dominated race."Part of the knowledge, is how to construct an artifact that is used as a tool to pass the actual power from woman to woman. This has been given the name the Rod of Sappho. Probably because she. She kissed the tip of his cock, sucked on it. His little girl licked her fathers cock like it was the greatest thing shed ever tasted. He felt his muscles clench as he looked down at her sweet little face. When she finally sucked his thick shaft down her wet throat, he knew that he would not be satisfied with just one hole this day. He wanted to fuck all three. He leaned back for a moment, just watching her suck him. The he took her by the hair and bent her over his desk. She moaned softly as. She felt Jack’s tongue as he skilfully licked at her entrance, and her clit and she could feel the pressure building slowly as he slipped one finger in. He curled it around to find her g-spot, and the need to come was intense. It felt as if she needed to go to the toilet, but she knew it was the orgasm building. When he bit down on her clit and flicked it with his tongue, she moaned and came, her juices squirting out in a way it had never done before. The orgasm was intense, a fire fuelled by. But Linda, despite her inexperience, had a lively imagination. She knew fucking could be done in other positions.She already knew what it was like to get fucked missionary style, and now she was wondering how it would feel getting it from the back, or from the top. Since she was lucky enough to be having two different men on her first night of fucking, she figured that it made sense to try some variety.But still basically shy, despite her unbridled lust, Linda could not bring herself to mention.

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