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I pushed one finger into her asshole . She moaned heavily oohohhhh , god you are killing meee ., i made to and fro motion first slowly and then fast g...ving her pleasure to ecstasy . Her cunt was again flowing giving me indication of her third orgasm . She loaded and i once more licked her clean . She was totally exhausted because of tongue fucking . I stood up and kissed her juicy lips . I removed her housecoat . Now renuka darling was in panty only . She was looking terribly sexy . I asked her. Her hair was done up in a loose ponytail and d****d over her right shoulder (a sensible thing, she thought, as it made it easier for him to grab her hair if he so chose). The robe she wore was silk, done in deep black with gold embroidery (it had been a gift to her shortly after they’d started seeing each other; a gift she cherished). Ordinarily, it came to mid thigh, but her spread kneeling position had raised the hem nearly to her waist, fully exposing her pussy (with no panties and shaven. “You look so beautiful tonight, you know that ?” He pins me up against the door aggressively and runs his hand along the back of my thigh; going up my skirt. “Pink makes your tan skin pop out. I like that.”“Jason, you’re my boss and you have a girlfriend. You shouldn’t be doing this.”I tried to reason with him as he took in the sight of the outfit I’m currently wearing while struggling against him. His greedy eyes run along the pink tank top that shows a little too much cleavage and the cotton. "I'm glad you said that, how would you like to be my foreman? I'll buy you out here and pay you a hundred a month to run my place for me," I said."Are you serious? What do you want me to do first?" he asked."First thing, I need the carriage ready to roll. I want to get moved in out there today. When you get the team hitched, just park it over by Silas' store so the women can load up. You'd better tell your wife first of all though."After the carriage is ready, you'd probably better see about.

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