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Mostly they've been of your mother and me, but some have been of you and me. I couldn't figure out what was going on, especially since I've not had a ...et dream since I was a teenager myself." We all laughed at the similarities in our dreams when Catherine piped in. "I've had the same type of dreams, and I've needed to masturbate most mornings when I wake up. I thought it was just me." We laughed again before talking about our relationship. "Bob, Callie and I have done a lot of talking before. Mai unke ghar pahucha aur sabse baat hui ghar ka haal chal pucha aur maine fresh hokar nashta kiya mama ji ko us din kahi jana tha 3 din ke liye aur wo chale gaye mai aur nisha baate kar rahe the maine kaha nisha kahi Ghumne chalte hai mai isiliye 2 din pahle aaya tha ki thora ghum lunga mamai ne kaha haa nisha tum samir ko kahi ghuma laao aur shaam ko time se ghar aa jana.Nisha tayyar hokar mere sath chal di hum din mai kafi ghume aur hum apas mai kafi khul gaye mai batana bhul gaya nisha. Jenny loved the humiliating position she was in and the control that Olivia had over her and it was just as she had fantasied for so long. In fact, the feeling of humiliation and submission was better then she thought it would be. The spanking itself was hurting more and more as each spank landed, but she hoped that afterwards, she would get the feelings of arousal she always felt when masturbating fantasising about being spanked. Time would tell on that though, she told herself as the stinging. All she knew was that for the first time in months she didn’t feel alone.Annie looked up from her computer screen and gave Via a devilish smile before biting down on her plump lower lip. “Hey lovely,” she said. “Mind if I stay in here tonight, Annie,” Via asked. “Of course not, love,” came the reply.Annie closed her laptop and tapped the bed next to her, signaling for Via to come sit. “what’s wrong Vee,” Annie asked, “still hung up on the dufus in the next room?” “Oh, Annie. Behave,” Via.

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