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I'll see you then." The reservation will be in your name," she said. Then the phone went click-up, that sound it makes when the other person hangs up.... said "good-bye " out of habit and put the phone down, my head still full of cobwebs.I got my washing done and wrote my son a short letter, paid some bills and smiled when I noticed my bank balance, looked in the paper at cars for sale and did a few other mundane things while some part of my mind worried about what the young woman wanted. Late. She thought about the shape, how it might feel in her hand, in her. As if possessed, her fingers moved of their own volition, and she felt herself succumb to the pleasure she had so desperately been suppressing for weeks. In an odd mix of delight and disgust, Amy felt a long-awaited orgasm hit her. Pangs of bittersweet pleasure flowed over her, sending her into shocks more intense than she’d ever felt. It was everything she could do not to scream from the bliss she felt. Her orgasm subsided too. I am not usually one to cry out when I came, but then again I usually didn’t come from intercourse. I held Ben tight as I had another great orgasm. I took a deep breath and then kissed Ben. “That was great! Did you cum?” “No, Mrs. Thomas, I haven’t cum yet,” he said. “Well, get back to work and bury that cock in my pussy. I want you to shoot your cum inside me deeper than I’ve ever felt.” “Yes, Mrs. Thomas,” Ben said, grinding his cock into my pussy. The head board started to hit the wall. .........’‘We’ll have plenty of time for shopping tomorrow before we have to be at the airport, honey. I have other plans for tonight. Come on let’s go get a beer’ Steve took Abi’s hand and gave her an encouraging tug. Both laughed as they made their way through the street market towards the tacky neon signs of the bars and clubs that lined the notorious street that made up Patpong.Steve had been right in his description of the place to Abi. Patpong was Bangkok’s most infamous red-right.

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