Crystal 999 2

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How do I replaceAndrea?" "Honor her with the way you live your own life. Maybe by starting yourown family," suggested Celeste. "I mean, isn't that wha... Andrea did?" Beth was about to answer and then she stopped. "Wow, I never thoughtabout it like that." "You know, in many ways you and Andrea have led parallel lives," saidCeleste. "I don't know her as well as you do, but I suspect that shewouldn't want you to stop living your life to its fullest. I thinkthat's also part of the reason why she. .. "Stacy"s attention was at full alert, "What? You can only think about what? A man or something? Are you gay?" No!" Ricky shot back, "God no, I"m not gay. It"s worse than that." Ricky, if you"re gay, that"s fine. Who cares? These days everyone is either gay or knows someone who is." Stacy tried to comfort her brother."I"m not gay, Stacy. I"m in love with a girl. She"s just the wrong girl." The wrong girl? How can you be in love with the wrong girl? Love is blind. It"s not like you get to. I took investment money from my close friend and successful businessman, Joseph Grossi, Senior. His granddaughter, who, as I just said, is totally legitimate, inherited his shares. It was personal, Elyse.”“Yeah, and how the fuck could you be sure that it wouldn’t end up under Mafia control?”“Because I knew the man, and trusted him. And he trusted me. He made exactly one mistake I’m aware of, but he never, ever forced me or coerced me into doing anything. I went to HIM, Elyse. Who do you think. That was his last shot because I shot him in the chest with two rounds from my shotgun, and he was converted to a pile of bloody rags in a moment.Okay, I had announced my presence, so I had to be even more watchful if I did not want to collect a very inconvenient hole somewhere in my body. At this point, I decided that the rifle was not doing me any good, so I left it in the arroyo and switched my undivided attention to my shotgun.I slid over the edge of the arroyo on my belly the way I had.

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