Jija Ka Pizza Episode 3

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Somehow he didn’t think it was such an onerous task! Anne was feeling light-hearted and playful that morning, it seemed, because as she ran past him...and off down the path to his car, she knocked Stan’s hat off his head. Before he could retrieve it and catch up, she was sitting demurely in the passenger seat as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. Stan got in and, before starting the car, leaned towards her and murmured, ‘Payback can be a bitch, you know!’ ‘Is that a threat, little man?’ she. "Oh shit," she whispered, and then both women screamed as four more tentacles invaded their holes simultaneously, their eyes still fixed upon each other's. Both of them continued to moan and shout dirty words of encouragement to Gruthsorik as he brought them together. Their breasts pressed against each other's and their faces were mere inches apart. It was obvious what the demon wanted and they complied without hesitation. They threw their arms around each other and their lips met. They kissed. “Lord, you really are a whore, aren’t you?”In response, she slipped her lips over the glans and began to work his thick cock with her tongue. The noise of moaning and lewd slurping filled the room as she sucked his lengthening organ.“Ahhh — you’re going to make me cum you dirty little bitch!” He pulled his saliva-covered member from her mouth. “Get on the bed — show us your cunt, you depraved cow.”Obeying quickly, she knelt as directed and Carl flipped her dress over her back.“Pull her knickers. I didn’t even have to move. Hell, if I could do that I’d suck my own dick. Suddenly I was faced with the most perfect ass in the world. She spread her legs and looked back at me over her shoulder. I think she was afraid I would ass-fuck her. I wouldn’t. She was too young for that. I took a moment to take in her beauty, from her short blonde hair to her slender figure, and her white socks. She was the perfect picture of a schoolgirl about to do her homework. I eased forward and kissed.

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