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She moved back, bent forward and took my softening cock in her mouth, “ that taste good, your spunk and my juices “ she said as she sucked and lic...ed me clean. That made get hard again and I “ turn round “ so she turned round as I got on my knees behind her, and guided my cock back into her very wet pussy, she squeezed her legs together and her whole cunt see grasped my cock as I started plunging into her, “ Oh that’s gorgeous, you can fuck me like this anytime” I plunged hard into her pussy. I carefully pulled the bright yellow panties down my legs, trying not to make any more mess. I washed the creamy jism away in the sink, squeezed what water I could from the satin fabric and tucked the still wet panties inside my jeans at the bottom of the dirty clothes.Running back to the bathroom, I then washed myself as best I could at the sink, and freshened my makeup, especially my lipstick, which had obviously been left along the length of Ken's gorgeous cock. I quickly straightened my. Horatio was envied by the locals for his exquisite wife, Marie. Marie was French born and a woman of exotic beauty. She was well spoken, very attractive, and full figured. The local men would gawk at her whenever she came to town.Marie was a loving wife and attentive to his needs. She cooked, washed his clothes, sewed, and decorated their 2 story brick saltbox house. But the locals knew that her attentiveness to Horatio extended beyond the kitchen or the living room. They just knew by the. The feeling was only now beginning to come back in her right hand, and it was starting to sting. She ran into Howard Farrell on her way to the parking lot--literally. The two bounced off each other like giant rubber balls and ended up on the concrete."Watch where you're going!" she snarled."Sorry, Abs." he said, picking himself up. "What are you doing here? Don't tell me I missed the ceremony!" No." Abby said snarkily. "You can have your precious ceremony." He touched her hand and she yelped..

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