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With only the barest courtesy, Kelly dragged Rebecca into the bathroom."What's eating you?" Rebecca was puzzled by Kelly's nervous, frazzled manner."I...m late," Kelly whispered, as if talking to herself."Beg your pardon?" Rebecca's said in a low voice. Suddenly she realized what Kelly had meant. The shell-shocked look on Kelly's face, the preoccupied fidgeting, it all made sense. "Did you say that you're late? But..." Bud's the father. He's the only one that I've... that... well, you know.". Anything, you name it I will do it.”James smiled and said, “I think that is fair enough. We will keep it between me and you okay.”“Sure dad.” After a pause she said, “What do you want me to do.”James smiled and said, “I want you to take off your shirt.”Kylie looked at her father and said, “Take off my shirt? Is that all.”“No, that is just part of it. I think that you need to do more than one thing to have me forget what I saw you doing.”Kylie looked at her dad and said, “Okay, I guess you are. At first it hurt so bad, i even started to cry a little. but he kissed me gently on the neck and whispered 'its gonna be ok' in my ear and that certainly reassured me. about 10 minutes of soft fucking later, i started to get used to the pain and the pain then turned into pleasure. i moaned and groaned and kept asking him to go deeper inside of me, and harder. it wasn't long until he started to fuck me hard. very hard. i felt his ball-sac bounce roughly on my ass. his cock felt so good. it got. Standing up she took him by the hand, leading him to the bedroom. There she sat on the edge of the bed, watching as he stripped off the rest of his clothes before joining her on the bed where they lay together, sharing deep lingering kisses as their hands explores each other's bodies. Moving over her, his gentle kisses began moving slowly down her throat until he stopped to squeeze and caress her soft breasts, sucking and licking her nipples as she moaned with pleasure. As she felt his hand.

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