My Masturbation

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I’ll have her come in and I’ll get her pumped up with the shower wand as she massages poor me and my tennis soreness. I can picture feeling her we... soapy tits now. Soapy fingers are next and I’m going to love making us both orgasm in a ’special’ shower…..….Mindy…..…I was really horny about this and I loved the feeling. Carol and I went and put on our cheerleading outfits. No bra, no panties. She said her dad liked them and it was easy access for him to feel us. Hopefully he would feel our bare. She then turned to me and smiled andtold me how proud she was of me and how nice I looked in the fancyFrench Maid's uniform. She then asked how it felt and I told her itfelt wonderful. Her eyes got big and she repeated "wonderful" to meand I nodded my head up and down and said "wonderful" and told herhow it felt on my legs and how I loved the swishing it made.I then asked her if I could wear it all the time and she somewhatsternly said no, but she would try to make it so there were. Then it did! There were three more quick shots from the .45, and then the sound of several Uzis firing. The noise paused, and then we heard the frantic chatter of a single Uzi. We had no idea what that meant, but we hoped it was coming from Carol. A moment later, there was the reassuring sound of the .45 again.By this time, we had started bailing out of our car to go to Carol's aid. The best thing that could happen was for Carol to chastise us for not having enough confidence in her. We found. I had gotten into this really deep."So when are you going to fuck me?" she asked."I need to think about this," I said. "Taking your virginity is an important thing. I don't want to just do it like it was nothing." Well, you're taking my mother's virginity, even though it's anal," she said. "It shouldn't be too different." Let me think about this for a while," I said. "I'll come over to your house tonight, and we can talk about it." OK," she said. As she started walking away she turned to me and.

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