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So I sat up an wrapped my arms around to her face and rubbing my fingers all over her back to get her pussy wet also, and we just started kissing and ...aking out with each other, so we both stand up and take each other clothes off to were we both only have our panties on, then we rubbed our tip of our fingers all over each other bodies, getting us even more warmed up, then I push her down to the couch spread her legs apart that was I could get to the nice pink pussy, I kissed all over her legs. I was happy becuz of that i wanted to get her preganat that was my fantacy. And now it will cum true i had to wait and see. We fuck for a few days constantly i jst wanted to get her pregnant. After a few times of fuckin i stoped seeing her. I had a new target my other neighbours. After a few week irum told me she is pregnant wid my child and her husband thinks its hiz. Irum and her husband hav try for a child bt irum sed he was not succesful. I had a dream cum true and irum was ok wid it. We moved close to her on one side as Lissa and Melody moved close on the other. When we were in position the minister continued. “Wendy Martin is here to show her love and join this family as well. We’re breaking new ground here as there is no official marriage ceremony for five people. Melody, Lissa, Tony, and Kate, do you accept and welcome Wendy as equal in your partnership, marriage, and family and promise to cherish and trust her from this moment forward?”“We do.”“And Wendy, do you accept. S. law does not apply. Your citizenship is immaterial; your Native American sovereignty is no protection. Government security claims override all concerns. They do it because they can."Therefore, as your attorney, I am forced to say not only 'No', but 'Hell, No!' If you've got some place to go, and you can get lost, do it. Lock things up and go make yourselves scarce. Stay away at least until we have a better idea of what's happening, and where all of this is likely to go."I'll stay here and.

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