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As I looked she said somewhat breathlessly, 'Lets have some fun', and before I could answer her she pulled me out of the doorway and put her arm aroun... my shoulder, and we continued in the direction of where the man was sitting.She stopped again, only meters from where he sat, faced me and kissed me full on my lips.I had no time to respond and suddenly realised her kissing was soft and passionate, erotic and urgent, and I was starting to respond when she broke off and laughed out loud.I was a. .....Later that week.....Goodness, what a party, Diana thought as she entered a large ballroomwhere the latest charity event hosted by her employer was being held.She wore a pink silk formal dress, covering most her body (wouldn'tdo to expose her fakery), except for a large space where her breastspopped out, for all the world to see. Granted it was a chilly night,as she shivered a bit but this is for a good cause: to raise money forthe local adoption agencies and social work organizations. How. “Suck my nipple and flick it with your tongue. Just this one.” I was on her right nipple at the time. I held her left breast and treated her nipple as closely to the same as I could with my thumb and fingertips. “Ah, ah,” moaned Marci. She arched her back. “Bite me. Squeeze me.” Amazed, I hesitated. “Now!” As I applied pressure, she gasped. “Harder.” I did so, cringing inwardly. I didn’t want to hurt her. My worship was heartfelt. She was my goddess. Marcy writhed. “Oh, yes! Oh!” She held. If there was somebody, that somebody could not only smell her sex, but see her so intimately, and even more intimately in a few moment."Just look at that," Jennifer heard her husband say."Look at that body. Those tits, those legs, just look at that crotch. Those panties are so wet you can clearly see her pubic lips, those fat lips.Turn around, honey. Let me see your ass, your panty-clad ass."Jennifer turned around slowly, still not knowing what the hell was going to happen."What a fucking hot.

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