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A short time later a summer squall came up on us and we had no cover except the trees. Instead of running for the trees, Steve and Elsie pulled a over themselves, so I didn’t object when Dick did the same for us. This gave us an area of blanket under us about the size of a twin bed, so we were pretty close. I was inside the folded side, by the way. So there we were all cuddled up against the rain and we could hear Elsie giggling. I said, ‘I wonder what they’re doing?’ ‘This,’ Dick said. K. long story short we got a divorce. Now to reason for the post.For the last 9 months I have been dating a wonderful lady that I just adore. Early on in the relationship as we were doing our bedroom activities 3 things that stood out at me.Always peed with the door open. (last girlfriend of 4 years would bolt lock and barricade the door closed)Discovered that she would sometimes squirt a lot of what I call love juices out when we would make love.And this was the big one. Everytime I would put. ”Xuanwu stopped and turned around in the corridor. “I am sorry to hear about that. If I had it my way, I would come and try to defend the people in China from harm. I had a past prior to this too. I served in Genghis Kahn’s army once since I was born around Mongolia long, long ago before the stories about me were even written from the Chinese themselves.”“You were an invader once?”She nodded, “We all have our pasts Daiyu. Some of us were pretty evil before we joined up the Coalition. The Treaty. This imposter business was hard work! I got out of my outfit, hose,girdle, bra with forms...and wig. I had no wig stand, so I turned off mytable lamp and hung the wig over the shade.I would leave the makeup in place if I could manage it, and just touchit up tomorrow. I know they say to remove the stuff every night but thiswould just be once and I would never ever do it again.The earrings felt funny but I left them in too, and I left the nails on,and the eyelashes. I hoped this would not mess.

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