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Suddenly he tensed, thrust forward, closed his eyes, cried out, jerked his manhood and shot the biggest load of cum I've ever seen into my wife's eage... waiting mouth He continued pumping until every drop possible had spurted onto her tongue. Janis was totally intoxicated with this climatic act. She quickly switched positions with him, impounded herself on his still hard cock, then sealed her cum full mouth on his, sharing his sweet nectar. They were both obviously savoring the moment. All I. Even though it was late November the scene had me inspired so I put up our Christmas lights to put the perfect topping on mother nature’s snow sundae. The bright colors radiating from the bulbs were a brilliant contrast to the frosty bed that lay outside. We have yet to have a white Christmas here and I highly doubt we will get one this year. Three days later now and barely any snow remains on the ground, which to me is a real shame. Somehow I imagine come Christmas morning it will be green,. The late dawn of the October morning found them to the South of Leipzig, and after a brief breakfast and feeding of the horses, they pressed on. Joerg was thoroughly saddle-sore by late morning when they had another twenty-five miles to ride. They were not five miles away from Torgau, and dusk was near, when the weary riders saw a coach, tumbling and swaying along the dusty road. They caught up quickly, and soon, the riders circled the coach, forcing it to a halt."Revered Stepmother, a word. Har ladke ka sapna ;) so I talked to her and convinced her to turn around to make more space (haa maine jaan k ghumaya usko,bas fir kya uski soft gand mere lund k upar ragad kha rhi thi… Aur mera pura khada ho gya aur uski gand pe dabne laga. Usko bhi ye mehsus hua to wo thoda aage hone lagi.. But metro ki bheed ki wajah se wapis mere lund pe beth gyi. Usne mereko palat k dekha to maine bholi c shakal bna k sorry bol diya… 2-3 station tak yehi haal rha.. Uska mere lund pe aage piche hona.. New.

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