HD sex episode of an office girl having enjoyment with her boss after a party

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Aunty boli Vicky so gya kya mene bola ni fir hum bed pe the normal bate kar rahe the mera toh bura hal tha aunty ke side mai. Wo boli teri koi gf hai ...ene kha thi maine pucha apka koi bf tha kya wo boli bhut sare the. Wo boli tune kbi kiya hai mai shock ho gya. Wo boli sab janti hu mai mere boobs ko dkhta hai. Main bola agar app meri age ki hoti mai apse shadi kar leta wo boli mai bi karti wesw bi tere uncel mjhe satisfy ni kar pate. Wo boli mere mai kya pasand hai mai bola sab apki gand boobs. I went on the site and sent Mrs Gardner, or Chantelle as she calls herself on her profile a message asking if she was available the next day during the morning and waited. Several minutes later my phone pinged. “Hi babe, how long for?” the text read.I replied an hour.“Free at 10” came the reply“10 is good, where?” I sent back.She sent back the postcode and said it was a hotel and to text her when outside and she would then send directions and room number.I replied okay and also bravely for me,. I also knew that in 'soon' plus five minutes, I'd be on my knees in front of that couch, trying to clean up whatever cum had drooled from my cunt and whatever stains had been left by my naked ass rubbing on the couch during his pounding. That five minute interregnum would have been spent kissing his damp cock and licking it clean, a process that Ted seems to like even more than the ejaculation itself.My own orgasm had come early, compliments of his eloquent tongue, and then repeated itself. He said afterwards that you would never know she had a dick as well without having actually seen it. He was quite captivated by this new experience.We all just swam and moved around in the water for a while as we chatted to each other. I was still feeling quite randy after hearing Jim and Mick’s story. The water had cooled me off a little but when suddenly I felt someone come up behind me – and I knew it wasn’t Brett because I could see him talking to Jim - I stood transfixed for a moment as I.

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