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" I got in my room, kicked off my shoes and checked my email. I called home to check on my parents and jumped in the shower. At 5:45 there was a knoc... on the door. Livy was standing there in her standard casual-Friday attire: corporate logo denim shirt and a pair of tight pants. Livy had already called the desk for a cab and made reservations at a local seafood restaurant. We didn't say much on the cab ride there. We had already seen more of each other in the past forty-eight hours than we. However, I do have a story to tell that’s filled with love, romance, and the greatest sex I have ever experienced. It"s the story of how I lost my virginity... to my mom!Let me tell you about my mother. She"s in her mid-thirties, stands about 5"6"-5"7", long dark hair that reaches her mid-back, two of the most beautiful blue eyes, and a flawless face more adorable then most woman her age (or my age). She does not have the toothpick body of a "dime a dozen" swimsuit model which is good. At this, Grant gave in, too, yanking his basketball shorts down and roughly yanking at his throbbing dick. Rachel opened her eyes that were closed from the pleasure Carolina was sending through her body. The two boys had finally given in! The sight of them wanking on their long, hard dicks sent a wave of ecstasy through her body that sent her significantly closer to her climax. But just as this happened, Carolina yelled at the boys. “Bet you guys cum before we do!” “O-o-ohhh,” Jude managed to. "You're right there, Brother Dear," Lani said, stroking his hairy, muscular chest."What would really turn you two guys on?" Jessie asked softly as the four naked bodies settled comfortably onto the big bed."I wanna watch you two pussies making it together," Mike said."Yeah," Brad agreed. "And then we'll take it from there." That's what we were hoping you'd say, Daddy," Lani giggled, exchanging an excited look with her sister."I'll get the dildo out, Sis," Jessie said, running from the room and.

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