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M. then reached round and grabbed his penis as he continued to play with her bum hole. She then applied more KY to the shaft of his prick and soon the... were both lubed up well and proper.He then proceeded to ease 7-and-a-bit inches of rock-hard man-meat into her tight bum hole. T. had never experienced anal before and M. had not done anything like this in a long while. Despite him recently cumming and him having time to relax a bit he found it hard to hold back. She was very tight and hot and. Maybe about a week before that day she found the text. Joey and I met at a hotel we would talk on the phone he is a friend of mine from school. He always had a crush on me. We saw each other by chance at an airport. We exchanged phone numbers. I told him I was in a gay relationship he asked me for how long. I told him over 3 years, his remark was ..... so your pussy is really tight. I can't believe he had said that. But it opened up our relationship so much more. We would be on the. The day that I dreaded was here. My jeans wouldn't fit meanymore. The extra fat the daily hormone treatment gave me madeit impossible to pull them up. I had to choose something from mynew "wardrobe". I chose a black skirt that reached my knees.Nothing to short or lacy. It was the nearest thing I could findto a "man's skirt" if ever there was such a thing and a plainblack top. I still wore my boxers though. It was the last bit ofmale clothing I had that I could still fit on."Excellent!" called. You're my best friend, my confidant, my lover, but you're not my mate. I don't feel for you the way I do for Gretchen. We're not meant to be mates."Suddenly Gretchen jumped to her feet causing a wooziness she fought to keep from overcoming her and managed to grab her clothes through her foggy consciousness. Her brain too physically and emotionally rattled to scream at full volume, she unsteadily roared, "I don't know what the fuck is going on, but I'm going to leave you weirdos to your.

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