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I was about 140 lb with dark brown hair that got into my eyes occasionally. I had a flat stomach, a nice bubble butt, and a 7-inch cock. As I was in the mirror at myself I slowly got turned on thinking about my own virgin asshole. I turned, with my ass to the mirror and bent over to I could see my tight little sphincter as clear as possible in the mirror. While I watched I grabbed the jar of honey that I had brought down. I put a little on my finger and softly touched my asshole jut to. She loved it almost the same, all those mouths and the scent ofother women spurning her into a competitive heat. She fought with herbody, being as sexy and enticing as possible in order to be taken by hermaster's demonic dong. All those hands and tongues writhing and causingher to orgasm as they all wanted to make each other sated so that theycould have the pleasure of being with Gomorrah. She needed to see this inher own harem. She wanted all those hot sweaty buff men raping each otherjust to. Since I already had to take my two with me, bringing Laurie along was no big deal. In fact, since they were less of a handful when she was around, it would work out better for all concerned. I was expected to make three meals a day for Laurie and to include myself and the kids for those meals. No junk food allowed. If I happened to have dinner at the house, I would be expected to make enough for him. If I wasn't going to eat at home, he wanted a phone call so he could make other plans. He would. I arranged with Stu to meet the team in Potomac at the appropriate hour, but to take responsibility myself for getting Eddie and me down there. The plan was for us to drive the pickup to Emmy's apartment, leaving it there overnight, between games, until after the second game of the series.The unspoken part was, Emmy and I would be sleeping in her bed for three nights. On the day before the third and final game, Eddie and I would drive the pickup back to Frederick, and hitch a ride back to the.

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