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Her body went tense, knees bending, her hands to his head, “Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh, oh fuck, uhhh, uhhh!” she exclaimed.She let out a deep sigh, “That...��s the first time a man has made me cum.”“So you have made yourself cum before, or your girlfriend has?”“Yes,” she sighed.“Which is it?”“Both,” she blushed.“So you’ve been with a girl before?”“Yes, Brad, you’re embarrassing me,” she said hiding her face in her pillow.“I’d like to watch you with another girl, perhaps my girlfriend, I bet it would be. Make him stop!"As if he knew what she wanted Barney stopped! " Oh god. Whats happened? He's getting bigger. I can feel his cock getting bigger! Oh god its stretching me. Oh god he's cumming up me. Oh god there's fucking loads of it! Its making me cum again!"Barney was just enjoying his moment. Quite a long moment. His knot had grown inside his bitch and cum was pumping out of his cock and filling her vagina. It was squirting out of the sides as Jan gyrated her hips. When he finished cumming he. Okay?" And with that, he was out the door and on his way to his car.I had to scramble to let Jake and Kayla know that I wasn't going to be available tonight. I hoped Kayla understood my having to break our date better than the last couple of girls did. Then, on the other hand, tonight I wouldn't be making the same kinds of mistakes I did with the others.I called the Lehigh house. Jake had already left for his football game, but Kayla was still home."Hi," I said.Even over the phone lines, I. ” He glanced at Bob, then at me and his eyes couldn’t be stopped from dropping to my bare breasts pressing into his arm. “The office provides a more casual encounter situation to act this effort out. The plant is … well … not that at all. You have 20 guys out there and it is not somewhere Patty just hangs out.”Bill was nodding his head, “I still can’t get my head around this happening; yes, we have to worry about safety, too. You’re right, this isn’t going to happen out on the floor.” .

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