Mallu Aunty finger Work On Bed

I can feel the vib on my tongue in your ass from inside your pussy. My finger now in your pussy, making it lovely and wet, before offering it into you... mouth to suck. That turns us both on so much, I need to kiss you and I lay on my back underneath you so you can kiss me. Our tongues exploring each others mouths as my fingers explore inside your pussy. My other hand holding your head, forcing you to kiss me hard, as I take my finger from your pussy and put it in our mouths as we kiss. Sucking. "Mitch started counting, "One...two...three."Candy bore down as hard as he could and Mitch slowly pulled his cock out, leaving just the head in Candy's ass. Candy thought, "Mitch is right, the pain isn't so bad."Mitch waited a minute to give Candy a breather then asked, "Ready for me to put it back in baby?"Candy said, "Yes sir." Ok, bear down just like before, I am going to put it back in without stopping," he said.Mitch didn't count to three this time he just started shoving his cock into. .oh fuck!" was Marcie's next outburst as Richard slammed her to another peak but he felt himself about to cum and he did not try to hold it back."Fuck, oh fuck," groaned Richard as he ejaculated into his mother's half-sister once again.He spurted and spurted until eventually collapsing on Marcie and they kissed, passionately at first and then softer."Ha, we are quite good together, aren't we, baby boy?" smiled Marcie."It is amazing; I am so going to miss you," said Richard sadly, knowing that. I lingered there, repulsed at the idea of going any further. Then I heard Gary slap the baton against the bed.I swallowed hard and moved my hand between her legs. Ellie spread them wide giving me full access to her vagina. I rubbed along her slit before I pushed a finger inside and moved it in and out. My husband told me to insert a second finger and quicken my pace. Ellie responded to my fingering, lifting her behind off the bed and meeting my thrusts. Gary focused a camera on her vagina. He.

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