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The clitoris was tattooed the same colour as her nipples, and there was a silver cross dangling from a piercing which went right through the clitoris ...ead from side to side. “But you have a red clitoris, just like me.” Mary said. “But I still have my inner labia and my clitoris hood, so my pussy looks almost normal.” replied Imogen.The navel piercing was a huge diamond, which filled Imogen’s navel and caught the light as she moved. “Is that a real diamond?” Mary asked.” “Yes, it is.” “It must. Then she cum… Then i insert my cock in her & fucked her very hard. After sometime she again cum… She told me stop for some time. I did so. Then again i inserted my penis in her vagina & started to fuck her. After 10-15 minutes she & i got orgasm same time. As i was not wearing condom it was unprotected sex. After some day i got to know that she is pregnant. Now she is having her 7th month. She only knows who her baby’s real daddy is. But his idiot husband thinks that he did everything.I would. .aab bo aur bekawoo ho gayi usne jaldi jaldi meri jens kholna suru kar diya ,bo bahut jaldi me thi ,usne mera jens khol kar neeche sarka diya aur meri penty me haanth daal kar mere 7” lambe lund ko aapne haath me le liya ,mera lund uske haanth me aate hi usne ek lumbi saans bhari aur foran mera lund pakde huye neeche beeth gayi aur mera lund muh me lekar jor –jor se chusne lagi,thodi der baad mene use pakad kar uthaaya aur diwaar par uski peeth tika kar mene uski saadi upper kar di, bo blue. He started sloughing slow first and I was begging him to do slow as it was still painful. After 5 strokes, he started sloughing hard and was going crazy.It was hot and burning first, but then, it felt like the hunger in my pussy needed food like that– painful, full and hard that was rocking bottoms of my womanhood that I never knew existed. Without knowing, I started enjoying the great pleasure in my pain and started feeling that I wanted more drilling and fucking! Oh, yes! I will never forget.

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