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"Ahhhhh, so nice..." she purred.Time marched on, and so did the visitors to the room she was in. The fog was slowly clearing, and she was aware that t...e pleasurable sensations from the continual sexual assault were starting to be intermixed with a growing discomfort coming from her pussy. She had been fucking for a while, and maybe it was just because the drugs were wearing off that she didn't notice it sooner, but the pain was becoming recognizable and well defined. This kind of pain only came. It wasn't long before my legs were soft and loose and free of any tension but her touch felt so good that I didn't want for her stop. Slowly, she ascended my legs once again, the tips of her fingers streaming across my thighs, reaching right to the edge of my panties. A shiver went through me as I felt her fingertips make contact with my ass. She sensed my reaction to her touch as she whispered, "Once I work the last remnants of tension from your buttocks, your body will be stress free." I. I actually came while he was working over my clit and labia with his eager tongue. I was pleased with the progress we were making.Then I had him slide on top of me. I asked him to support my head in his hands, so he could lift my lips to his.“Now, ever so slowly flex your hips against mine while you’re kissing me. You’re not trying to enter, just concentrate your weight on my hips. Keep your legs together and mine will naturally open for you. See? Doesn’t that feel nice?” I raised my knees and. He had planned on hitting the ground with a roll and then jumping to his feet, but he just fell like a tree. All he could do was roll on his back, and this time, when the tiger pounced, he wasn’t able to dodge. It tried to sink its teeth into his neck, but he blocked its mouth with his sword, though he could do nothing about its claws, digging into his shoulders. It was pushing down on him with its full weight, and he didn’t have the strength to hold it back.Noah stared into its one, fist-sized.

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