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As I slippedit over my head, I got dizzy and dropped down onto the bench that wasattached to the wall behind me; strange I hadn't seen that there amin...te ago. When my head cleared I looked into the mirror again andgasped, the girl that looked out at me could be no one other thanKagome. I looked stunning in the silk Chinese gown. I wondered how manypeople would drop over when I go to my next Anime convention inKagome's little schoolgirl outfit? I can't wait. I left the dressingroom after putting. ...Now it was time.I took my bat large end forward and pressed it against her cunt with my fingers I spred her lips wide. she begged ram it in me please Daddy. and so I did all at once ten inches of four inch round bat went up my little girls cunt all at once it went into her womb the shriek she made scared me, but the look of pain and delight on her face made me know she was in heven, pain was her pleasure and I was her instument. I twisted the bat making her cum agian and started pumping it. “Mmmmm–yessss, Amit!.” Chowdhary was really enjoying this. The more he moaned – the faster I slid my mouth up and down the shaft of his cock. “Oh! Amit! You are a great Cock sucker! That’s it you little pussy… Let me fuck your mouth.”I could tell by the sudden jerking of his rock hard cock lodged in my mouth, he was on the verge of cumming. Just when I thought he was going to empty his load, he pulled out of my mouth and pushed me on the floor of the small cabin.“Get on your knees you little. "I opened my left eye and my eyelid seemed heavier than I remembered.Even fully open I could see the black hairs in my vision. 'Was Iwearing false eyelashes now too?' I remembered my month's of previousfeminisation under Mistress.I smiled when I saw her staring down at me seemingly concerned for somereason. Her lips were painted and invitingly red as usual and hermatching long red nails stroked my cheek. They seemed longer if thatwere possible."You're safe now," she said again."Why are my.

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