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Massaging me hard.kissing my hips, nipples, and between my thighs.she dove into my breasts.licking.kissing. .caressing.squeezing. She stroked me betwe...n my thighs, and up mu nipple. Licking me up my nipple.’ My Angel...’she whispered.Stroking up against my vagina gazing. Growling. Licking the tip. (69) (69)(69)ummm suckling. Grabing my curls twisted.sucking me between my legs softly.massaging me likefire and ice. ‘ I want u now.’wrapping her mouth around me blowing. Suckling my vagina. ( oral. "It is important forthe girls to know that they are not the reason why this is allhappening. Danni, don't blame yourself for your Daddy getting mad andgoing away. It is not your fault, and doesn't mean that he doesn't stilllove you. He and your Mom just have different ideas about what to do,and they argued about it. It is not your fault." That is true girls. Hopefully in a week or two we will know aboutDanni's health, and we will all be a big family again." And Danni, would you like to keep. Me… pelo…. lawda.. pelo….”She wanted penetration but I continued with my oral pleasure. Before that I had such thorough oral pleasure with Rubia and mother but I got a different pleasure in sucking licking cunt of this girl Zubaida. Though I sucked that young virgin girl and randi Renu also, but this taste was much much more exciting and pleasurable.I pushed tongue tip inside cunt. I kept slit open wide apart and tried to push more and more tongue inside. I moved tongue on inside waals of. When I came back later she had a worried look on her face, she pulled me off to the side and asked me how much I saw, I just smiled at her.she then asked ok you lil ass hole whats it going to take to keep you quiet, the last thing I need is a messy divorce, I have too much to lose. and so does he, ( her friend ) I just said I dont now. and walked off. hell I was still in shock she caught me beating off. even though Im 3-4 inches bigger than her lover I just never planned on this woman see me.

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