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She ached to touch it - better yet, ached for Him to touch it. “Turn back around towards me,” His Supremacy told Serrenia. “Ahhh…yeah….oh ye...h,” He said, as Lyenne’s struggle to maintain the entirety of His cock in her mouth and throat grew increasingly obvious.His Supremacy grabbed Serrenia’s breasts again, then He reached down and grabbed Lyenne’s, which were much larger. He held one hand firmly on Lyenne’s head, as the other fondled her breasts. “Fuck yeah, oh fuck yeah,” He said. He pushed. But Sian did hold my hand throughout the film!The film was as good as we thought it would be; Liza Minelli was quite incredible and we were very impressed. I bought the girls a tub of ice-cream each during the interval, and I walked them back to their flat as the rain started."Cup of tea, Jon?" Yes please, that would go down very well."Vee and Sian put the kettle on, while I used their loo and washed my hands. We sat in their sitting room and drank our tea while discussing the film. When we had. Where is Sheyda?"Two more women came up behind Cassie's back, and gently wrapped their arms around her torso."Cassie, you want a master. I can smell that you are ready for your master. We will take you to Sheyda. But we will prepare you first."Yes?"Cassie hesitated, but nodded.The four hands behind her reached around her front, and began to undo her buttons.The two in front assisted.Leisurely, she was stripped, but the actions of the four women were more caress than undress.As the four pairs of. Dustin slings his head backwards, and groans as Parker locks his lips around bro's head. Dustin quickly starts to pump his engorged cock in and out of Parkers throat. Fully fucked up on the dope and beer, he relentlessly plows into Parkers throat. Parker, not being a cocksucker, begins to gag and choke up on Dustins cock. But Dustin just grins, and says “suck it fag”. By now most of the guys, including myself, are rubbin our own dicks, and soon the room smelled like a jail full of horny.

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