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"Don't forget - I never saw you as Milly or Jennifer. I'd love to see youas a pretty schoolgirl." There may be photos... somewhere," I said vaguely.I...knew exactly where they were, because I had lifted them from the safetydeposit box. I had intended to bin them, but in the end I couldn't quitebring myself to do it."But it's too late now anyway," I continued. "I was a skinny sixteen-year-old when I was Milly. I'm much bigger and stronger now."Well I had broadened out a little, but not much,. They paused, taking a moment to revel in the beauty of the space mother nature had provided them. Without a word, they turned to each other, his arms circling her as she placed her hands on his chest. his lips found hers as the hunger overwhelmed them both. These meetings were too rare, too far between for any time to be wasted. his hand slid up her back to tangle in her hair as their tongues danced. He was still shy about asking for what he wanted, but she knew how to make him quiver. She bit. It felt nice, but I became a little impatient and guided his wrist up my skirt towards my now-moist crotch. No words were said, as I guided his fingers to the opening of my pussy. He was quite clumsy and obviously in-experienced, but he finally managed to work two fingers into my opening, which gave a little squelch. A little sigh of pleasure escaped my lips, as he gently began to work back and forth, finger-fucking me right there on the desk. He hoisted my skirt up around my waist as he became. After minutes, hours I don't know he starts slowing down, he pulls his cock out of my mouth my lips not wanting to let go till pop he fully leaves my mouth, I look at him feeling empty now, he looks at me and tells me to turn over and show daddy your pussy, dazed and horny off the facefucking I do as he say hopeing this is going the way I've been dreaming about all these years.As I turn round and face away he suddenly pins me back to the bed,Forcing me into the mattress I can feel his weight on.

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