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Of course shenotice the ajar door when she opened it-oh shit hopefully she didn'tsee anything, but Chloe quickly schools her face into a happyexpressi...n, with a plastic smile. "Oh bonjour, Brianna...you need touse the toilette?" she asked coquettishly-Brianna is a shy fille afterall, must be treated carefully."Oh, uhh, why yes Miss Chloe," Brianna replied in a soft mutter, beforeheading in there herself. She got her first close up look at Chloe andwow what a beautiful girl, Brianna thought to. “You’ll meet her as early as tomorrow. You’ll be a married man by this time next week. Where are you going?”“I’m leaving and I’m not coming back.”“This is matter of life and death, son.” He sounded panicky.“Whose life, Dad? You better stop dancing around and start being straight with me.”“I, uh...had a brief affair with Ana on a recent business trip to Mexico. She’s carrying my child. Her father was about to have me tossed into a vat of acid when he found out. The only thing that saved. Then about 2 minutes into the wanking when I’m at that part of total bliss the lights suddenly turn on and their behind me, in a dressing gown that looked as if it belonged to a three year old was Dawn I turned bright red as I was sat there pants around my ankles, my hand on my cock and my other hand on my face with her panties.She just looked and smiled through her red lipstick lips I was frozen in that position I didn’t know what to do my life was over until she got the belt of the dressing. Kyle was for some reason turned on by his boyfriend being snogged by another guy and grabbed Calvin by the shirt.“OK Calvin, you’ve had your fun pounding me, now wait till I fill your ass with my rock hard prick!” and with that they both fell back onto my bed. I was too preoccupied with Dan’s tongue to see what hot action they were making. But by the sounds of it Calvin’s trousers must have been ripped off instantly; and Kyle had gained entry just a quickly. By this time, Dan had pushed so hard.

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