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You would think he had reached nirvana. There was no stopping him from then on until I gave birth. He made sure my breasts were full and ready all t...e time. When Susan was not there, I would have to pump my breasts most afternoon due to how much I was producing.Edward bought me several rather sexy nursing bras to wear, and I received a number of lovely pieces of jewelry. All spankings stopped the moment he knew I was pregnant, and his tender care was enthralling to me.Emma entered the world. In a moment he recovered serenely, "Perhaps over here would be better," beckoning to the space beside him. But then realising he wouldn't be able to reach me without pulling out from the desk and exposing what I now imagined must be a boner the size of a riding crop, he changed tack and cleared the leather-topped desk in front of him.With colour rising in his face, he gestured to the desk, "Up here please Belinda."This was not going well. I still had tingles from the fleeting feel of his. It was huge. He smiled as he saw me eyeing him. After the event was over,he got up and told me to follow him. I got up and obeyed immediately likea little puppy at his master's heels. We went to the kitchen where thetold me to dress and that we were going running. While I dressed he leftand returned with some shoes for the both of us. As I was about to putthem on, he slapped my upper leg saying that I was not ready yet. He stoodme up and spun me around with my back facing him. He pulled. Then she surprised me and her hands left my body, but she leaned into me and kissed my lips. At first, it was a light kiss, but then she parted my lips with her tongue, and we kissed passionately. Her hair washed over my head as we kissed. My arms instinctively embraced her and pulled her closer. She was laying now, half on me and half on her side. Her hands were rubbing my arm and chest.My one hand slowly stroked her back in long motions, until my hand found her scrumptious ass and stayed.

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