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I started my own company with the help of two wealthy investors, and have built the business to the point of having 2,000 employees. I am the majority...owner, chairman and CEO, and have a lot of power and authority over my employees. Judy and I had a good sex life until the last couple of years, even with my little dick that had matured to almost four and a half inches long and of medium thickness. We have three children who are now grown and out on their own, and we were enjoying our lives. But. I enjoyed winding down quietly in the hot shower and replaying the scene in my imagination again and again as I worked up a soapy lather and scrubbed all over. I'd gotten what I'd wished for, and it had been more than I ever could have anticipated. More intense, more satisfying, and all-around better. I already couldn't wait for the next time. Much later, I came to realize how lucky we had been to have things turn out so well as they did, but at the time it just seemed natural that Lad and I. During the struggle, Janet’s flailing legs had caused her skirt to ride up, exposing her sexy legs. Leo eased a hand under the councilwoman’s skirt, running it along her soft inner thigh until he felt the warm moistness of her pussy through her panties. He was somewhat surprised that she was not wearing pantyhose. Leo had to admit Janet’s sexy legs looked fine without hose.The councilwoman did occasionally wear a garter belt and stockings when going out with her husband on special occasions. He. " "Oh, umm, sorry. Do you want..?" "No hon," she replied. "It's alright." And that was that. I removed my hand from her panties and settled down in my pillow. It was time to pretend to fall asleep. I closed my eyes and let my breath become long and deep. Some time later I opened them again. My mom was starting to drift off. I watched her face closely, anticipating what I had planned for tonight. After the dares I took in the shower I wasn't sure how far it would go. I wasted no time once I knew.

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